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    Mar 20, 2021
    Hi everyone,

    Sort of new bass player here, and I finally have a rig to play on and I’m super happy with it. One thing that occurred to me though, is that I have the head sitting on top of the speaker cab, and I can’t help but wonder if all the vibration from the speaker transferring into the head is potentially causing any damage. I realize that most people probably do this, and any damage would occur slowly, if at all. But with that said, I like to take care of my equipment as much as possible, and if I can prolong the life of the head I’d like to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions on clever ways to keep the head reachable but off the cab, aside from simple things like a chair?

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    If amplification were actually sensitive to vibrations, then combos couldn't exist.
    If you're really worried about it, or the head starts to do "the dance" on top of the cabinet, stick a mouse pad/piece of yoga mat/grippy drawer liner/etc between them.
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    To be honest, in 45 plus years of playing/gigging, I've never once used any kind of amp isolation pads for anything. Put the cab where I want it and the head right on top. To date, I have not experienced any damage to any of my amps due to vibration. That's been my experience. However, I think there are a lot of folks that would disagree with my method. I know a few. I have one friend that uses isolation pads for both head and cab, and spends a lot on them. Another friend uses the smaller inexpensive sub woofer isolation pads just for the head. Probably could find cheap foam pad online. Sweetwater sells a variety of iso pads at different price points. Personally I say save your money. However, if you would sleep better at night knowing your amp has padding under it, absolutely do it.

    Here's a link to Sweetwater
    isolation pads | Sweetwater
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    Get one of these bar mats. They work great.