Vibrato or Tremolo?

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  1. Kamrin


    Jun 4, 2014
    Hello, I got a $30 amazon giftcard for Christmas and thought I'd get myself a new toy!

    Because I'm only allowing myself spend the money on the gift card I've narrowed it down to these three pedals


    Tremolo #2: pedals


    I've heard things about Behringers having tone suck problems but the Behringer pedals seem like they can achieve more cool sounds.

    Anyone have personal experience with any of these pedals and there reliability/presence (or lack there of) tone suck?

    P.S (What's the difference between "Pan" and "Tremolo"? I already have a pedal that has a "pan" option built into it)
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    Unfortunately, so many companies use "vibrato" and "tremolo" interchangeably when they're not and it really confuses the issue. But vibrato is an actual pitch change while tremolo is the volume going up and down. And "panning" is moving a signal back and forth between the stereo field.
  3. I like the boss trem. It is a very individual thing though, because I've found it colours your sound quite a lot. It also has a volume drop, but that can be fixed with a pair of scissors and a screwdriver. It has a really cool old-school sound to it, really pleasant and emotive.
  4. If you want a deal spend a bit more and get an m5. It does both Tremelo and vibrato and also delays, reverbs, tuner, phasers, flangers, pretty well. The pitch effects aren't that great and the dirt stuff pretty much blows but considering how many things it does well its a good bang for the buck.