Victor Wooten EMG Pickup Set

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    Yes it will. You will need to change the Volume/Blend pots on your OBP-1 to the EMG volume and/or blend pots, as EMG use 25k pots and normal pickups with an OBP-1 are typically 250k pots. You could even find an EMG 25k/25k volume pot (audio taper) from Best bass gear ($19) and run the OBP-1 as a stacked knob preamp instead, install the included EMG tone knob, and have Vol-Vol-Tone-Bass/Treb like a sadowsky bass or similar setup. The obp-1 is nice and configurable like that.

    In fact, that combination sounds like quite a winner if you ask me.

  2. I appreciate the helpful info joelb79. Thanks a bunch! For now, I plan to have my setup as vol-vol-bass-treble but I'll consider your suggestion in the future.

    Also, the 25k pots you mentioned, are they the same ones that are included when purchasing an active EMG-PJ set?
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  4. I appreciate all your responses . I got everything I needed to know.