Victor Wooten Trio last Friday night in Raleigh.... unexpected and pleasant surprises

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    I attended Vic's camp in 2001. I enjoy some of his work but don't sit around listening to it all the time. However, I have been looking forward to seeing him again and saying hello.

    The moment I found out Dennis Chambers was in the band that's all I needed to get off my butt and head to Raleigh for the show.

    What I expected....
    1) Plickity slappity tappity signature Vic stuff all night

    2) Complicated fusion stuff all night

    3) Instrumental acrobatics and show off songs with little or no melody

    4) To be impressed more than entertained

    5) "Some sax guy" just being there so it wasn't Dennis and Vic all night... just a melody place holder

    What I got....
    1) A very personal show with some touching moments.

    2) Melody. Each song established a melody I could wrap my head around.

    3) FUN! Those three guys had a BLAST playing together.

    4) Very little slappity plickity. Sure, he had to do some of it. But it wasn't all night. He did a lot of finger style and even played a funky looking Fodera with a radius board with a bow.

    5) Bob Franceschini was NOT out classed on that stage. On sax, he was just outstanding. I even told him at the end of the night that being a bass player I, of course, came to see the rhythm section, but that he was a pleasant surprise.

    6) Dennis Chambers rose to my high expectations. I had high hopes and he surpassed them. That is one bad, bad man.

    7) Juggling! About halfway through the show some guy comes walking down the aisle juggling some chrome pins. Vic stops playing and puts down his bass and yells "Gimme some!". The guy starts juggling with Vic and gets on stage. Then a kid jumps up with more pins and the three of them start juggling for about five minutes doing all kinds of tricks. It was funny and fun! Turns out when Vic was a kid he played a lot at Busch Gardens (a theme park) in Virginia. Between sets this gentleman had taught him how to juggle and they became friends. He found out Vic was coming to town and called to say "Hey, I'm coming to the show. Wanna juggle a bit in the parking lot before the show?" Vic said he told the guy "Nope. I wanna juggle DURING the show." So they did. It was a lot of fun to watch.

    In short, it's a very entertaining and impressive show. You don't have to be a "jazz guy" to get into it. There is plenty of beautiful melody and SONGS to keep your attention even if jazz isn't your thing.

    Of course, as he always does, Vic stood out in the lobby and spoke to hundreds of people, posed for pics, and had a short conversation with anyone who wanted to. After a short funny story about the camp he remembered who I was and we had a good laugh.

    (I meant to get a pic of my hand up to his so that I could post it in all of the "my fingers are too short" threads but I forgot.)

    Then my brother and I walked down the street in 65 degree fantastic weather and had a great Italian meal and a few beers.

    It was a great night. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you are able.
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    Looking forward to seeing him and his brother (and those other 2 guys) in June with the Flecktones.
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    Feb 7, 2005
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    Yeah Vic mentioned it at the show. I wasn't aware there would be so few dates. Maybe they haven't announced them all yet?
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    I went to his free masterclass and concert in Birmingham last Thursday. I was absolutely blown away with how down to earth and humble he was. Knew that was his vibe, but to ask him questions and get conversation in return from a musician like that was unbelievable.

    The show was out of this world. The level of all three of those guys is as good as it gets. Very personal stories and a connection with the crowd including jokes, convo, and singalongs.

    I went from not even knowing he was in town the day before to learning from him, conversing with him and Bob, getting a couple of autographs and photos, and (the best part) getting a huge rejuvenation about how to be humble and kind towards everyone. He could easily sign a few tickets and head to the bus, but he takes time to truly engage until the line is gone. Kids feel appreciated, adults feel like kids, and everyone is just in a stellar mood. It's contagious.

    I've always wanted to make the bass camp, but don't have the vacation this year. Hoping to make the Jam camp in September and the bass camp in 2019!
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    Feb 7, 2005
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    I've said it a lot here. Vic is known for his bass playing. But he is a better human than he is a musician. He's good people. You could be a total non musician and leave that show with an overall "good vibe".
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  6. I like their album. It flows well and whilst it doesn't quite hit the peaks reached by Victor's best work (for me), it's an enjoyable listen. I often put it in when I'm doing the grocery shopping as it's pleasant on the ear without demanding absolute attention.

    Interesting comment about your expectation of ear bending fusion though. Even at his most cerebral, fusion-heavy moments, I never find Vic falls into that trap. I think 'Extraction' is some of his brst work. Very serious fusion and some incredible harmonic concepts are explored there but even that remains pleasing to the ear.
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    Feb 7, 2005
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    Some of his work with Jeff Coffin got a little deep in the weeds. So, honestly, I blame the addition of a sax player for my misplaced preconceived notions. :D
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    Went to the Richmond show tonight. A+ description above. Flat out badass show. Technical but fun and easy for anyone to boogie and enjoy. Dennis and Bob killed as well. Stellar drums and sax all night! Go see this trio!
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  9. Ive always been convinced that Victor wooten is a showman over a musician and that’s saying a lot because he is a hell of a musician. In countless interviews I’ve heard him speak about how easy it is to lose the audience playing bass parts if you aren’t putting on a show and holding down a groove ...from the way you dress the part to showing your interest in what you are doing.
    Glad you had a great time.
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    I saw the trio a couple months ago in Santa Cruz, CA. Awesome musicianship all around and good chemistry. Hard to go wrong seeing Vic live. I’ve met him, got a signed copy of his book, listened to him speak and give a class. You can tell he is super grounded for a person who travels and tours as much as he does. Inspiring as a musician and just as a good human being.
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    He is on my most admired list.
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