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Victor Wooten

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Hobbes, Oct 24, 2000.

  1. Sorry to sound naive, but I haven't personally heard any of Victor Wooten's stuff, so was wondering if any of you lot could direct me onto any albums of his which you think best highlight his ability.
  2. Try Bela Fleck and the Flecktones' "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" and "Live Art." Or one of Vic's solo albums.
  3. jondiener

    jondiener In the corner, staring at phone during break. Gold Supporting Member

    Somewhere on the net, ( http://www.aic.se/basslob , then click on the lesson tab, then choose lesson #9-harmonics) there is an mp3 excerpt of Victor playing a funkified "Amazing Grace" with almost all harmonics. Truly humbling to listen to. I love his Yin Yang solo album as well.

    [Edited by jondiener on 10-26-2000 at 10:08 PM]
  4. Another vote for Live Art here. If you only get one Flecktones album, This is it! For Solo Victor, Listen to
    "A Show of Hands". Great Stuff!
  5. Bass7755

    Bass7755 Supporting Member

    Oct 27, 2000
    Roanoke, Va.
    It's late I have the head phones on as I type. VTT (Vital
    TechTones. The new Gateway and Vic is HOT!! Next,,Live Art....
  6. Bass7755

    Bass7755 Supporting Member

    Oct 27, 2000
    Roanoke, Va.
    The phone's on VIX 9!!! Oh my Gawd!!! Outound...next.
  7. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    Live Art & Cosmic Hippo are the ones to get. Proof that Howard Levy was a big part of their apeal.

    Will C.:cool:
  8. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...Levy's AWESOME!
    That band hasn't been the same since he left(IMHO). I do dig the sax, though.

    I checked out OUTBOUND last week...SOME good moments; truthfully, I'd stick with LIVE ART or any of the earlier discs("Hurricane Camille" off the 1st one kills me; "Turtle Rock" off HIPPO; UFO TOFU has some killer tunes...check out the varying time signatures in the "Life Without Elvis"; "Vix 9" is a cool tune in 9[DUH!]).

    The newest VTT ain't too bad, either.
  9. VicMan119


    Oct 19, 2000
    yeah without levy a bit is gone....but Jeff is no slouch on sax, man he RIPS! As a devout Wootenite, I must also stand by the Live Art recomm. it is a phenomenal album. And for Vic, solo-wise A Show of Hands would be the one to pick, but for beauuuuuuuuutiful melody and tasteful songwriting, What Did He Say is HIGHLY underestimated, it is one of his greatest creations ever. Yin-yang is great too. But if you want solo.....A show of hands.

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