victor wootens TONE!

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  1. do you think most of vic's tone comes from the pre-amp/the pick-up's/the wood/the strings?
    cause im getting emg' p/j's and i hope its at least close to his tone
  2. Angus

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    Apr 16, 2000
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    It's ALL in his HANDS.

  3. snyderz


    Aug 20, 2000
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    Amen, brother.
  4. fodera basses. they have a certain articulation in the mids that few other basses posess.
  5. i........ think......... it's .................your cd player.

    each cd player has a tone of it's own...:D

    (just kidding)

    some of vic's tone is from the gear he uses (have no idea what that is) and some of the tone is from his playing style. i understand your curiosity. i used to spend countless hours trying to decipher a certain sound of a certain bassist. someday, you will find a sound that you truly love, it isn't exactly like anyone else, but you know it's right... because it's your sound...;)
  6. RHCFlea


    Jun 16, 2001
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    don't know what it is, but it sounds good!
  7. I've seen victor two times live. two summers ago with bela fleck (which was pretty cool but not worth soiling myself) and then last summer on his solo tour (life changing, so funky). Man alive! what a tone! I was right up next to the stage and I could feel a rumble through out my body whenever he played anything, I could tell it was coming from underneath the stage (about a chest high stage). I lifted up the curtan and all the way across the stage (probably 40 feet) was two rows of subwoofers!!! on stage he had his ampeg bxt cabs (two 410's and two 115's) and in his rack he had an svt 4 pro and some effects (but not much). He had a very hifi tone for playing through ampeg. He had 4 fodera's (a ying yang 5 (with piezo pickup), two ying yang 4's, and an older fodera 4) you can check out his gear at
    I think most of the tone comes from his fingers and his foderas.
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    Jun 28, 2001
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    maybe it's because i really cant stand slap bass or what but...have you ever listened to jaco?
  9. htag- guilty of both. I love will lee's groove, if my style is similar to anyone it is definately similar to will, we even look similar.

    on pa speakers- of course they were house speakers, but I've felt such a punch from house speakers. they were running a LOT of victor through them.

    on slapping- I used to hate it untill I heard victor live. He plays a mean fingerstyle too. His slap isn't obnoxious and harsh, it's musical and funky. I saw a bill dickens (top slap guy) video once and I turned it off after a couple of minutes- it was all rythym and no music. I'm sorry but the bass has more sounds that tick-a-di-tick-a.
    and yes jaco is sweet, if not the sweetest, but you can't see him live.
  10. I think the gear has something to do with it but...

    Vic would sound like Vic no matter WHAT he played on. ;)
  11. htag- no- I didn't think you were jumping on me. I've had to set up too many systems to not know what's goin' on. I've never seen 40 or so subs, that is a ridiculous amount of subs.
    I can't believe vic likes bill. I watched a very old victor video and then a bill video back to back and I was amazed at how much better of a player victor was IMO. and bill's tone sounded like it was constapated, so so thin. I know what you mean when you say it's tough to shred and keep soul into it. Vic is a master at it. But he's been playing since he was three. No fair, he's got 5 years on me! and I thought I started young!
  12. htag- I moved here 3 months ago from Boise Idaho, so I saw him in Boise. earlier before the show he stopped by and hung out for some time at a local shop, old boise guitar company (a sweet shop). My friends went down that day and they got to hang with him, they asked if I wanted to go befor they left but I said no, and I regret it dearly. They said that he was so nice, just really down to earth. I wanted to talk with him at the show but he was busy with a mob of fans.