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Video Demos sound quality

Discussion in 'Warwick Basses' started by AndyIrvine, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. AndyIrvine


    Jul 11, 2012
    Fraser colorado
    Warwick endorser/clinician/Product specialist
    In response to comments and opinions regarding the sound quality of my Warwick bass videos/requests for direct recording and overall higher level of production.

    I do all my videos the way I do for several reasons and according to concepts I set in motion from the start. These concepts are based on personal choice, and mostly practicality. I wanted to provide the public with videos that would be fun, informative, and entertaining. I set out to provide free lessons, performance, and many product videos from Warwick.

    I decided the most useful and productive way for me to create this content is to simply be myself and use an immediate, unrehearsed, and realistic presentation. My personality and casual approach on the videos reflects me as true to life as I can be.

    I do all my videos in one take, if it's decent it go's on line. If it dose not make the point I wish to or sounds like hell in the first try , I just move on to something else. I think there is no more reality or magic in multiple takes, so for my personal youtube channel I do my work the way I choose to. Quick, simple, and casual.

    As a full time musician my time is very limited for devoting to this type of work, I spend 240 days per year touring and away from home, therefor I need to be able to work fast. I currently have approximately 250 videos on line.

    Rest assured at Warwick we have been in a constant state of evolution with focus on improving our connection and devotion to the public's requests. In only 1 year with the company I have grown and continue to make steady progress towards bringing the best possible information to the public regarding the products.

    There are many "official" Warwick videos that I now will be taking part in, which do in fact have a much higher level of production using multi camera HD, and directly recorded instruments. I hope you will check out the new series of videos we are working hard to create right now here in Markneukirchen, there are 60 new HD video/audio demos slated for filming over the next 3 weeks.

    As for my personal "home" videos they will not change, I do them my way and intend to continue to do so. Based on the positive feedback and comments I get daily, I know that many people get them for what they are, and most find some useful aspects within them. For those that don't enjoy them there will be an entirely new series of "official" Warwick HD demos coming your way, stay tuned and allow us the opportunity to provide you the best materials we can to help you select the perfect Warwick instrument for your needs.
  2. Means2nEnd

    Means2nEnd Supporting Member

    Thank you Andy, your videos are much appreciated. I love the loose live feel its real world. I like how you demo gear and technique I know you love doing what you do it’s obvious. I always say to my friends and fellow bass player. HHeeeeyyy Evvveryy Booodyyyyy…..WHHaaaats Haaapinin!
  3. JP Morin

    JP Morin

    Mar 15, 2011
    keep doing it man !!

    Just my opinion here : I think you do the job right. Of course you set your kit so it sounds good to your hear, the most important the sound and the playing feel pretty straight and consistent from one video to an other. You can caught the different character of different this way. You describe the products as you see them, in an honest way and that's what I love and I think that's the way to do to be able to compare products... For the rest man, just be yourself, you just can't be loved by everybody, that's impossible !! lol I find you're a funny and enthusiastic guy. From what I see, you surely find it very cool to try and demo all these nice basses and makes us want to try all these !! lol

    Thanks for doing and sharing it !!
  4. pinz


    Jun 14, 2010
    Hi Andy,I thank you for your videos,they only recently came to my attention after seeing a fellow TB'er playing a Star Bass in a bass comparison video.

    I really dug the sound of it and the search began,and I ended up finding your excellent demo/review playing the Sunburst Pro Series Star Bass.(Never knew about the "Pro Series",and sadly cant afford the German version)
    I found your video informative and enjoyable,and again you reaffirmed to me "I like the sound of that bass",and the real search began.
    A quick call to local store,and one arrived and was delivered to work with a BC20 combo and lead,talk about service !
    So right now I have the same bass (in black) sitting here in the lounge on trial(nice people in my local store) ,the BC20 is free if I buy the bass.

    I have played bass for 20+ years with mainly MIA,MIM,MIJ Jazz and P basses and like I them .
    Never played a Warwick before, already Im happy to say this Bass has a new home, Its not going back. I Love it !

    So once again I thank you for your videos Andy,keep them coming,helps others in more ways than one. :)
  5. AndyIrvine


    Jul 11, 2012
    Fraser colorado
    Warwick endorser/clinician/Product specialist
    Hey Everybody-Wazzzz Happening!!!

    Right on-more to come!!!!!
  6. Andy, you're doing a great job with the videos. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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