For Sale Vintage 1972 Fender Precision Electric Bass

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    First things first: 1) No trades. 2) Price is firm (all lower offers will be ignored).

    0:00 Tone knob open 50%
    1:03 Tone knob open 0%
    2:27 Tone knob open 100%

    Vintage Fender Precision electric bass for sale, as pictured below. This bass is the real deal, made in the United States in 1972, according to the Kansas City Vintage Guitar "how to date your Fender guitar" guide (Serial Number: 360327). I found it in a guitar shop while on tour in Melbourne, Australia, of all places. I brought it back to the US and used it extensively on many kinds of gigs, as this is a supremely versatile bass for all styles of music, but I need to thin the herd at this time. Everything looks original, with the exception of the pickguard and the pickup. I'm not sure what brand the pickup might be (probably DiMarzio?), but it has a punchier and more aggressive presence in the midrange when compared to a stock P pickup, so it cuts through the mix as well as a bridge pickup would, while maintaining the warm and full tone that you expect from a Fender Precision. Considering this is a 51 year old instrument, it’s in really good overall condition, with just a few nicks and scratches and faded paint here and there. It weighs in at 8 lbs 9 oz (4 kg), and it comes with a Fender padded gig bag. It has roundwound strings on at the moment, but this bass really shines with flatwound strings on. It looks like the truss rod has barely been touched. For some reason, one screw in the back of the G string tuner is missing, but the other four screws keep the tuner firmly in place, and I've never had any stability issues with that.

    Selling for $3000, down from my initial asking price of $3500. Price is fair and FIRM- no lowball offers, no haggling please. Payment with cash for local transactions, or PayPal if this bass will be shipped. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees (for non-F&F transactions), and actual insured shipping costs, which I can easily calculate from home. I generally ship FedEx Ground, but I can ship UPS or DHL if that's your preference. Bass is located in Midtown Manhattan (Times Square/Hell's Kitchen area). Local pickup is welcome and encouraged if you’re from the NYC metro area.

    Bass is sold as is (no returns/refunds), as described to the best of my knowledge. If you're seriously interested in this bass, please refer to the photographs, and ask any questions you may have before purchasing it, so you know exactly what you will be receiving. If that helps, I have a 100% positive feedback here, and on eBay (ID: VeganSushi). I take pride in maintaining my reputation as a trustworthy seller.
    1972 Precision 01.jpg 1972 Precision 01.jpg 1972 Precision 02.jpg 1972 Precision 03.jpg 1972 Precision 04.jpg 1972 Precision 05.jpg 1972 Precision 06.jpg 1972 Precision 07A.jpg 1972 Precision 08.jpg 1972 Precision 09.jpg 1972 Precision 10.jpg 1972 Precision 11.jpg 1972 Precision 12.jpg 1972 Precision 13.png
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    What's the nut width?
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    Well, if my memory serves me correctly, cause I was buying new basses back then, a 1972 P came standard with a 1.625 nut or an A neck which was the Jazz size 1.5 nut… looking at the photos I would say it’s the 1.625. Also called the 1 5/8. The 1.5 is pretty uncommon
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    Yes, that is a DiMarzio Model P. The adjustable polepieces give it away.
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    moreblues nailed it.
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    how are the frets?
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    Considering this is a 51 year old bass which has been played a bunch, they’re in decent shape and still totally usable with no need for a replacement, IMHO. Enlarge pic #12 and you’ll be able to see a close up of them.
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    Dang Nation!
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    BUMP! Still available
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    Jun 26, 2003
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    BUMP. Price lowered to $3000, down from my initial asking price of $3500. I figured I'd pass the savings to you, instead of letting eBay or Reverb eat them up with their fees. PayPal F&F plus insured shipping.
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