SOLD Vintage 1980s Tokai Cream White 3 Ply Pickguard for Jazz Sound Bass

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    Vintage 1980s Tokai Cream/White 3-Ply Pickguard for “Jazz sound” Bass

    This came off a Tokai “Jazz Sound” bass from the 1980s. It’s a cool cream color, 3-ply. The hole pattern is close to a standard Fender, but at least a couple of the holes won’t line up perfectly... So unless you’re drilling an aftermarket body for the 1st time, a Tokai Jazz will be the only bass it will fit right. If you have one of these old lawsuit basses and need a pickguard, here’s probably your only chance because they don’t really ever come up for sale. Looks nice, has some wear/age to it, lays flat and no cracks or shrinkage. $25 Shipped (USA)

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