Vintage 1981 Gibson Victory Bass

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  1. I'm not really interested in buying this bass, but I wonder if there is a story behind the 1981 Gibson Victory bass and is it worth the asking price, and I'd rather hear it from the folks at TB...
  2. My self I have never played one but would love to try one. However this one your pic (to me) does not look right..

    This one on the right is a 2 pickup version..notice no jazz style pick up. There is a single pickup version which has the pickup by the neck only.
  3. Victory Standard..

    1981-VICTORY-STANDARD-1.jpg I have seen Standards cheaper on Evil Bay ($650)
  4. bassie12


    Aug 23, 2008
    Modified. Pickguard replaced, original pickup has been moved, J pickup added. Maybe a good player. Do not buy assuming any "vintage" value. $300~400 Max.
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    it has been in the Richmond CL for months.
  6. As much as that one has been modified, I can't imagine it would have any collectors value. Interesting bas, though. I love that side-by-side pic above. I learn something every time I get on this site.
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  8. I had a Candy Apple Red Victory Artist Fretless in 1988. I never weighed it, but I believe it was the heaviest bass I've ever played.
  9. Dominick C.

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    I don't like mean people or mean comments....
    There is one on reverb right now for $550. It's gold. They say it's up over 11 pounds.
  10. mongo2


    Feb 17, 2008
    Da Shaw
    The Victory I tried was very heavy.
  11. I have a 1981 Victory Standard and am going to pickup another one next week. Love them!

    Don't avoid them because of rumors about weight! The one I have is really not that heavy: it's about the same weight as my Fender Jazz 5 string, which is heavy but not prohibitive. It sounds a lot like a Fender Precision, which was Gibson's design intent, but the offset body makes it more comfortable to play than a Precision (IMO).

    The build quality is very good compared to some other basses of a similar vintage, with the possible exception of the paintwork. The one I have was candy apple red but has been refinished in virgin white, as is the one I am going to buy next week. I've heard that the original paintwork just doesn't stand the test of time.

    Gibson sometimes gets a bad rap for its polarizing designs and questionable quality, but I think the Victory is their best design ever. It's the most Fender-ish bass they ever made, and I personally think they will become collectors items.

    Too darn loud!
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    Did they (Gibson) ever make a Victory 5-string? I have a 1987 Thunder Series 5-string that is a featherweight... I had always assumed it was Gibson's first attempt at a fiver, but would like to try a Victory 5.

    @OP - I concur with above posts... this one is a mod job. Might still be a cool bass but not very collectible.
  13. I have never seen a Victory 5, but it seems any Victory is uncommon.

    The Victory was Norlin-era Gibson's last dying attempt at competing with the P bass and it was designed and built very well. Not like some of the other Gibsons of that era. So I still think it will be a collectible.
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    Modified bass, worth less than half the asking price I'd suspect.
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    I have one, a 4 stringer, and yeah, it's very heavy, but I think my ash/maple T-40 has it beat in that department. I seem to remember the '54 Precision I learned on as being as heavy as or heavier than the Victory as well.
  16. bholder

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    Sep 2, 2001
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    Received a gift from Sire* (see sig)
    Yeah, that's been rather butchered - may actually sound better, but no value as "vintage" or "collectible". If I lived close, I might try to at least check it out in person, but that asking price seems too high. No description of the changes, either, no mention that it's not stock.
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    Feb 17, 2008
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    I've had several very heavy basses over the decades including, an Ampeg Big Stud, Fender Telecaster Bass, a couple of EBMM Stingrays, an early '80s J, several late 70's Ps, a couple of Peavey T-40s, and an early Ibanez SR1305 5 string.

    I've served my sentence, I'm done with heavy basses. ;)
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  18. I hear that! Although I love my Victory, it certainly would not my first choice for playing a long gig. It is not that much heavier than any of my other full scale basses, it's just that my back tends to hurt after a long session with a full scale bass. Age catches up with us all. This is why I have a nice lightweight shortscale ;)
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    I live just south of there in Eastern NC. I sent the guy an email twice asking who did the mods and what kind of parts/pickups were used. He never responded either time. He's asking way too much anyway.
  20. Hmm... Unresponsive seller = deal-breaker

    As a Victory owner, I'd consider buying it for spare parts. Or I would buy it, break it up and sell the parts to other Victory owners.