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  1. Hey, just calling around to stores in my area, I found a 1960's vinatage ampeg 100 watt all tube head, (not sure the model), and the original 2x15 cab, both for 1500 canadian funds. The tech said it was in great working order,new speakers, new tubes, and I am of course going to play on it first, but what does everyone think? Can anyone think of the model (he told me but i didn't write it down).
  2. bump :) Would really like some input, although I guess it doesn't help that I don't know what model it is. Maybe in general what do people think about ampeg heads from this era? Specifically any 100 watt tube heads made by ampeg.
  3. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
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    hmm... the "original 2x15 cabinet" makes me think the b-25, but i'm pretty sure the head isn't 100 W. V-4BH?
  4. Circus, here's Ampegs vintage site maybe you can find this amp there and let us know more.


    ;) Treena
  5. Well, you can't go wrong whether it's a B25-B stack or a V4-B stack, although that price seems steep, but since that's Canadian it may not be too pricey.

    The late 60's/70's B25-B is 55 Watts into (2) 15's in a ported cabinet. Great jamming or recording amp, but probably not quite enough power to ruin people's hearing like everyone today thinks you need to do. It'll match up to natural drums and a 30 Watt guitar amp no problem (which is actually the ideal music setup for best sound), but any more than that and you may want to mic it through the PA.

    The 1970's V4B is 100 Watts and the original cab was (2) 15's in a folded horn configuration. It's much louder than the B25-B stack and would probably serve fine no matter how big the gig. The folded horn cabinet makes the sound really bloom about 20 to 30 feet out in front of the cab and it carries really far.

    If the price seems good to you and they work real good, I say go for it.

  6. I'm pretty sure its a b-25b, but he said it was 100 watts. Well, i'm going to check it out on thursday and I'll let you guys know. He also said he has another good setup for me for 1500-2000 canadian, so i'll check that out too.
  7. Here's my B25B, although I just scored another B25B cab from a pawn shop last month for $150 that looks a little better. Now I can do the side-by-side 4-15 stack! That'll make 55 Watts go a long way.


    Here's my V4B head with a Fender 4x12 cab. I never had an original V4B cab, and I kick myself in the butt for not buying the one that I saw back in 1992.

    All this stuff comes up on eBay every so often. Check there for going prices.


  8. KingOfAmps

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    Man, that B25B is BITCHIN"!
  9. Thanks, man. It's a Linden, New Jersey one, too. Can't beat that.

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