Vintage 60s Fender bass pickup evolution

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  1. Janalex


    Jul 4, 2013

    Taking j basses as an example, allowing for pickup to pickup inconsistencies related to hand winding, at which point did the pickup change from its original specs in 1960 and what was the change?

    A lot is written about the change from formvar to plain enamel in strats however I've seen many posts documenting plain enamel was consistently used in early 60s bass pickups. Therefore the only change that I can find was the switch from black to grey enclosures and subsequently a change in magnet size in 1965.

    Does this mean that 1960-mid 1964 black bottom jazz bass pickups are all by enlarge the same specs? Why choose 1962 as the year to reissue?

  2. the precbs jazz pickups are the hottest ive seen from the different eras. high 7k to mid 8k range. the 66-70 range can be the lowest at mid to high 6k. from the early 70's until 82 or so they seem to level out at around mid to high 7k.
  3. Janalex


    Jul 4, 2013
    So other than number of winds no change until 1965?
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    Jul 4, 2013

    You're thread about your 62 jazz bass rewind got me thinking. Did you ever discover any pre CBS jazz bass with formvar wire? If the insulation never changed then there should be no difference between early hand wound grays and the blacks other than color. Larger magnets and machine winds didn't set in until early 1965.