SOLD Vintage Acoustic Bass Head (Model 120)

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    Early '80s Acoustic Bass Amp (Model 120) - 5-band graphic EQ, birte switch, power booster switch, vintage vibe...
    $95 shipped CONUS (needs a minor fix)

    Trades considered

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  2. Price Drop offers....
  3. So, what's the 'minor fix'? Also, I'm not that up on my vintage acoustic amp specs, what's the wattage and recommended load (ohms) for this thing? Thanks!
  4. It's a conservative 120watts. I believe 4 or 8 ohms is acceptable. It's from the early '80s.

    I was checking the speaker fuse, I screwed it back in too hard and cracked the fuse holder. That should be it. It powers on. I'm selling as-is.

    Fixed this thing should be worth $250-300.
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  6. CostaBass


    May 11, 2010
    pm sent
  7. SOLD
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