Vintage Ampeg SVT needs identification

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  1. Recently I purchased a vintage Ampeg SVT 300 Watts amp with a 8 x 10" speaker cab. It's sounds awesome but the exterior is quit worn. I'm therefor looking to refurbish this puppy.

    I'm just not sure from what year the amp is, so I don't exactly know which logo to put on it. The serial number is 732323. Can anybody tell by that in about which year it was made? It looks a lot like this one, but the logo is missing and from what is left of the face plate I can tell the text should be black.
  2. Rickenbackerman


    Apr 17, 2001
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    If the text is black and the power/polarity switches are toggle and not rocker switches, that puts it from '71-'75 or so. Your amp should not have a logo on the grille, only the late 70's amps had them.

    Restoration parts:
  3. timv


    Jun 7, 2000
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    Wow! That link is to my page I made. That is my amp, I completely forgot I made that page. The logo isn't originally there, the grill cloth should be the silver/blue sort of style not black. I think yours should have the metal toggle switches and I believe mine is correct for a 70' with plastic toggles because I had an old B42X ampeg head from around that year that had the plastic. With black writing yours might have a logo on it originally. The tolex would still be the black. Your chassis should be black.
  4. Luckydog


    Dec 25, 1999
    If it is black screenprint on the faceplate it is I believe somewhere after the 72-73 timeframe. Prior to that the faceplates had blue print. Look on the back, see if it says Magnavox or whatever. Some Ampeg history offered up on another board-

    Selmer was purchased by Magnavox in the early 70's. On November 12, 1971 Ampeg and Unimusic merged with Magnavox's Selmer division. Sept 8 1972 Ampeg was dissolved into the Magnavox corporation. Magnavox was bought by North American Phillips in 1975 and by the spring of 1980 Ampeg production shut down and they were only shipping from existing inventory. MTI OR Music Technology Inc. bought them in late 1980.

    Metal toggle switches indicate earlier production. I believe the plastic rocker switches came around 74 or 75. You should not have a logo on it. The rectanlge logos went on V4's, I don't believe SVT heads had any logos on them. The cab should have a square "a" logo with Ampeg in print, not script.

    Lastly, buy the Ampeg Book. It is a wealth of info. My Ampegs are maintained by Dennis Kager who worked in the original factory, and tells me that serial number dating of old SVTs is not possible. You have to look for year-specific product details.
  5. Luckydog


    Dec 25, 1999
    Also, be aware that aftermarket parts including faceplates in either blue or black print are available.
  6. Thanks for the fast replies! I was somehow already guessing there shouldn't be a logo on it anyway, but timv's pics made me less confident about that. I'll take some pics tomorrow and post them here. I already bookmarked the fliptops side, they indeed seem to be providing anything I will need, but thanks for mentioning.

    And btw: man what a sound comes from this combination. I already read many times on these forumss about the massive about of these amps and how they blow away the newer Ampeg series, and I can only confirm that!
  7. Rickenbackerman


    Apr 17, 2001
    Laurel MD
    Check out my post on the 2nd to last page of the "show your amps!" thread. I posted a pic of my three early 70's heads and three 8x10's, all restored with faceplates and grill cloth from fliptops.
  8. Very nice trio Rickenbackerman! Here are some pics of my amp. I think I will buy a new faceplate, some new knobs, new cloth (unless I can clean the current one), and new tolex/hardware. I also want the increase the portability of the cabinet. Does anyone know if it's possible (i.e.: does it affect the sound) to transform the cabinet into a angled one so I can put some wheels under it?
  9. 8mmOD


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    I personally wouldn't take a saw to the cab, it was actually designed to be rolled around on a removable dolly. You can buy one complete from fliptops or buy the parts and build your own pretty easily.


  10. Just ran into a complete flight case for this puppy, so hopefully I'll buy that one.

    Edit: yep, bought it, so no wheels needed :)