Vintage B15N cab owners

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  1. Do you guys have your vintage cabs fused? I often see the suggestion on various amp/cab forums; to make sure that all cabs are fused with a 2-3 amp fast blo. Not just these cabs, but all cabs that are not done from the manufacture. What are your opinions on this?
    John Sr.
  2. BassmanPaul

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    Pointless. A tube amp must have a load. If the fuse blows you have protected your vintage cabinet at the expense of the amplifier.

    Your ears, used wisely, are your cabinet(s) best defence.

    Edit: A speaker fuse makes more sense if you are using vintage SS amps. Those very often failed and shorted the output to one of the supply rails.
  3. Thanks Paul. I've got a number of vintage Fender and Marshall amps; but this is my first B15n and I'm just getting up to speed as I do with all equipment I buy. Thanks again.