Vintage Bass Amp: "Acoustic Control" -Craigslist Find (Socal)

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  1. . . . . 1000-Watt "Acoustic Control" Bass Amp . . . .

    Whoa.... what the heck is this thing? Never even seen one of these either in a video or in used music stores . The guys here on the forum "in the know" will have some kinda idea/opinion about it I'm sure....

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  2. Chuck King

    Chuck King Supporting Member

    Dec 15, 2006
    That is not a 1000 watt amp, but it's a great amp, and quite loud. If you want to know about old Acoustics, there's lots of information at

    Cruise over there and you can read up on the 320 and 408 at your leisure.

    I will say that among Acoustic afficionadoes, a 320/408 rig is probably one of the most loved/respected/sought after Acoustic bass rigs there is. Those 408 cabinets (which have FOUR fifteen-inch speakers) are not too common and highly prized. That's a very good price for that rig, assuming it all works---it's about 30 years old at this point. But when they were made, Acoustic amps were absolutely top-shelf stuff, and I assure you that rig can go toe-to-toe with any SVT fridge rig ever made...would blow it away, probably, because those Acoustic speaker cabinets were much more efficient than an Ampeg 8x10.
  3. dealey


    Oct 22, 2007
    I currently use three 408 cabs with two 320 heads and a 370 head. If your interested you can check out a fans posting of a live video in which i use the set-up.