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  1. hello everyone. im looking for like a beat up but in working conditon and still sounds decent jazz or p bass. i love that vintage look of a bass but still works goos, ya know? i cant seem to find any around at all. is there some kind of vintage bass guitar trader website out there somewhere that i dont know about? or maybe even a person trying to get rid of one. someone must know something here...
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    Where in NJ are you? Guitar Center in Union has a fair variety of vintage Fender basses in good shape. Prices are a tad higher than what I would pay personally.

    New Jersey Guitar and Bass in Edison is also a good source for vintage Fenders.
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    Depending on what you're looking for, there are other options. I was looking for a pre CBS Jazz and they want a lot of $$$ for those things. I found a used Lakland USA Joe Osborne for less money and I quit looking for old Fenders. Big String here on TB had one for sale for a very reasonable amount. You might PM him and see if it's still for sale. Very good basses.