No longer available Vintage Fender Telecaster Bass 1968 Blond Excellent Vintage Condition w/OHSC

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    Rare 1968 vintage Fender Telecaster Bass with a maple neck, swamp ash slab body and original transparent Blond finish that's aged to a golden hue. Unplugged, it's a very resonant bass and Fender's first reissue of a 1951 Precision Bass. Body is incredibly clean as is the neck and headstock Very tight neck joint - no gaps, no cracks. Other than the pickguard and a couple of replaced wires it's stock original.

    • Super Clean Slab Body
    • Maple Neck and Fretboard
    • Original Transparent Blond Finish
    • Original Frets
    • Original Pots (1967)
    • Neck Date (1968)
    • Original Single Coil Pickup (6/1968)
    • Original Bridge
    • Original Rare Paddle Tuners
    • 11 Screw Hole Reissue Pickguard with Pearloid Back
    • Original Bridge and Pickup Covers
    • OHSC - (excellent condition with the exception of a patch in the interior lining)
    International Buyers Welcomed

    Expedited Shipping - CONUS - $100
    Expedited Shipping to the UK and EU - $200
    184266513_573737100697020_8379273884120766198_n.jpg 183549580_510885073437579_6922504193620682313_n - Copy.jpg 185321819_508979096910733_1824358011355033469_n - Copy.jpg 183659236_930395550837839_7742335956287114969_n.jpg 183967025_295103132155221_612223640331313681_n.jpg 183637680_195151358990832_2236366031525845817_n.jpg 183811836_775373266674607_4154443810030989410_n - Copy.jpg 183984001_214541696838173_7009458229025785061_n.jpg 185271106_457598362197079_5288506379963454061_n.jpg 185314662_615197349879746_6690566274966829385_n.jpg 183555242_936338250466540_6396580485994077106_n.jpg 186112340_275235497636215_4125180627029746616_n.jpg 185253064_326778775633481_7622775710433366519_n.jpg 185555903_153681193380157_800578464052930905_n.jpg 185284173_314062713457181_513445554433489977_n.jpg 185284173_314062713457181_513445554433489977_n.jpg
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    Gorgeous. Good luck with the sale.
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    This is a real beauty! Sorry I missed it