No longer available Vintage G&L's For Sale 1981 L-2000 and L-1000

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    IMG_3269.jpg 99800b7b-3198-46c0-b306-c7d8710e8f27.JPG ce10969f-9e9f-416e-9bcf-d86aa0287c2e.JPG 8b7a0a4e-1656-4dba-87e2-486bf211969c.JPG 97109e34-a7e8-47bf-bbc7-3508b0b123df.JPG 5931ca3f-0788-4c34-af73-fa05cbaa71a8.JPG 5931ca3f-0788-4c34-af73-fa05cbaa71a8.JPG 97109e34-a7e8-47bf-bbc7-3508b0b123df.JPG 8b7a0a4e-1656-4dba-87e2-486bf211969c.JPG ce10969f-9e9f-416e-9bcf-d86aa0287c2e.JPG 99800b7b-3198-46c0-b306-c7d8710e8f27.JPG IMG_3269.jpg
    Better photos and info on Reverb:

    1981 G&L L-1000 vintage Mahogany bass with paddle style lawsuit headstock, passive single humbucking pickup, saddle lock bridge and and coil tap. Serial # B0017xx. Outstanding neck with low action. 1 pot is a bit dodgy but I have never serviced or adjusted the neck or electronics on this bass in 12 years.

    Bass is 100% original except for Dunlop straplocks and I have and will include the originals.
    Strung with nearly new DR Pure Blues steel strings.

    I have received numerous compliments on the tone of this bass from professional muscians. It sounds like a vintage Fender Precision at a fraction of the price. Weight is 9.9 lbs. using the bathroom scale.

    Comes with Original hardshell case. Serial # B001xxx makes it an early 1981.

    1981-L2000e which designated that it is active, a new technology at the time, no one I know has ever seen a passive one. Has lawsuit paddle style headstock and slot pole pickups. Plenty of player wear but in very good shape overall-There are no issues. There is lots of checking, neck has yellowed. This bass is very loud and has a dark vintage tone. Body may be alder- It plays well and the neck is straight. I bought it secondhand in the early 80's and sold it 10 years later. When I resumed playing, I tracked it down and bought it back. I had it re-fretted and also replaced the original 2 way coil tap-series/parallel switch with a 3 way to include a single coil mode. I installed Dunlop strap locks which I have and will include original switch and strap locks. B0023xx serial number on bridge. Original Schaller tuners.

    Comes with original hardshell case. Strung with near new DR Lo Riders steel. Bass weighs 9.9 lbs. using the bathroom scale.

    Leo Fender considered this model the pinnnacle of his achievements in bass guitar.

    Might trade for a short scale bass only or high end amp.
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    That L2000 is sexy. GLWTS.
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    Kiiiiiller basses. I used to have a 1981 wunkay in that same mahog/maple combo. Tone was to die for. Brings me back...
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    Well Hell, had you posted earlier in the week I would of picked up the Wunkay, could of even drove down for it, I have one on the way just like yours...
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    I've played a half dozen of them and none compares to this one.
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    Sep 1, 2007
    L-2000 is sold