Vintage Jazz Radius Question

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    Hi everyone,

    I know that in the 60s, the Jazz had a round radius and at some point in the 70s, they moved to a flatter radius. Does anybody know when that transition occurred?
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    AFAIK the 70's instruments still had the 7.25" radius unless there's something I've never seen. they did start using larger fret wire in the mid-late 60's but that's the only changes that i'm aware of besides some changes in the rear of the neck profiles.
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    They were all 7.25" radius (as far as I know, ALL the instruments made in the US, 'though it's possible the short-lived Archtops like the LTD and perhaps the flat-top acoustics) until they introduced the Standard and Elites in '82.
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    I had one early 60s jazz and have had several 70s era. The 60s era jazz had a very different neck profile. The 60s had a very thick neck front to back and the back was very rounded (a deep C). My 70s era jazz basses had more of a shallow D profile. Thinner front to back.

    Maybe because of the vastly different neck profiles, I thought the radiuses were different too.
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    Radius is used to describe the curve on the fretboard itself which is 7.25" for all 60s and 70s Fenders, neck profile is a totally different thing and did vary...