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Vintage Laney 50W valve head

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Rockin John, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. I've reluctantly decided to sell the Laney head.

    I believe this is a guitar amp (as opposed to a dedicated bass amp). I've used it for bass and, of course, it works fine. It's especially good with the Yamaha passive fretless where quite a woody, nasal sound is produced.

    Attached pics are:

    T/L = front: T/R = top: M/L = back: M/R = chassis: B/L = Underchassis: B/R = close-up of my smooting cap repair.

    As a vintage piece I've put a value of £150 on this amp but will listen to serious offers around that sum.

    PM me for further info.

    It's heavy so might suit UK TBers better because of the ££ shipping.



    PS. Am on hols next week so swift replies might not come along!!!
  2. Oh, yes, and here's some more info......

    Vintage Laney valve head: guitar amp.

    This is a “Supergroup Series Mk1, 50 watt Session Amplifier”. The exact vintage is unknown. However this amplifier has all the appearance of being built in early / mid 1960s and I believe that is most likely to be its date of manufacturer. Compare the style of this amp to the Marshall-style case on the 1969/ 70 Laney brochure at, http://members.shaw.ca/house-of-jim/Html/Laney.html There is a contrary opinion to my dating at Plexipalace, where a date of late 1960s / early 1970s has been suggested.

    PLEASE NOTE: I do not give any guarantees about this amplifier’s date of manufacture.

    2 i/p chans with gain controls and tone switch; master treble, bass, middle, presence. 2 spkr outs on back with impedance select.

    Some quite minor scuffs on the covering, 1 of the 4 back panel fix screws sheared off, one original rubber foot missing, some numbers worn from control knobs, small piece of the white stick-on front escutcheon missing very top left, small stapled-on sign missing from back, all before my ownership.

    Repaired by me (main smoothing cap) about a year ago, and serviced. Original cap left in for asthetics: repair on purpose made PCB under chassis. Re-valved about 6 months ago – o/p now matched pair JJ, EL43s. Broken fuse holder on rear chassis replaced with virtually identical type. Brought up to modern electrical safety standards with proper mains cord grip, earth bond to chassis remade: original mains cable retained. Will supply documents collected by me for servicing, incl circuit diagram + hand drawn (by me) underchassis wiring / components plan with voltages measured on the working amp. Will do electrical safety test on amp before shipping and supply readings.

    Has maker’s quality control / tester’s label stuck onto chassis top side, presumed original but unfortunately no dates!. It uses Partridge transformers throughout. The 50 watts DC in, runs about 35 watts RMS showing that amp works @ correct efficiency.

    Sounds nice (and loud) with normal guitar on 4x12! I’ve used this amp for bass for about a year: once / week for rehersals and on about 3 gigs. Never let me down, and no buzzes, crackles, etc in my usage but some “physical” transformer buzz: I doubt the amp’s ever worked better. Not really a bass amp, in all honesty. Overall (IMHO) in really good state for the vintage.


    Very difficult to give sensible money value but I reckon, as a vintage piece, it has to be worth £150 and will listen to serious offers around that figure. Buyer to pay carriage / insurance, estimated at @ £15.

    Personal cheques only please: cheque to clear before shipping. I will email you, 1) Upon receipt of cheque. 2) Upon clearing of cheque. 3) With date shipped and shipping docket numbers. I promise to ship as soon as possible after cheque clearance. Shipping by Parcelforce, using their guaranteed 48 hour service (weekdays only).