SOLD Vintage Leo Quan BadAss II Bass Bridge / RARE Nickel Finish w/ Gold Saddles

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  1. Alan Ace Cooper

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    Jan 6, 2004
    Northern Virginia, USA - 13 mi
    Endorsing artist: Devon Basses, DR Strings, EMG pickups, Bag End Cabs
    Vintage Leo Quan BadAss II bridge in rare, Nickel Finish. It is CLEAN, but it does have some pitting and tarnished areas. The Gold Saddles (also vintage) are slotted for Jazz Bass / Precision Bass.
    Fun Fact: The older Leo Quan bridges have slotted screws for the intonation adjustment. The later versions have Phillips head intonation adjust screws.

    A non-original set of, Stainless Steel, mounting screws, will be included.

    Price includes shipping to your lower 48th US state via USPS Priority Mail with proper packaging and insurance. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.

    BadAssII Nickel.jpg
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