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Vintage Modified Jaguar Club Sign-Ups Here

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SurferJoe46, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. OK - looks like someone has to do this - so I'll volunteer.

    Standard rules: post a pix of your VM-Jaguar Squier and we'll see how many members we can get.

    I'll keep records on Wordpad and as it grows, I'll copy/paste/post the names/numbers as they happen - OK?

    First things first - I'll put up my VM-Jag and let's see who's next.


    Send tips, tricks and concerns you notice about yours - good and/or bad and we'll see how these turn out.

    First thing I do is wax mine with about ten coats of carnauba wax and use a lot of high pressure from the bony part of my hand to heat up the wax as I rub it into the back of the neck to gloss it up.

    Just remember that I'm on California time and may be asleep when you are up or vice-versa. I'll get to everybody and if somehow I miss you, just either PM or yell at me here. Sundays and Thursdays I am pretty busy in a non-secular way.
  2. bass4u

    bass4u Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    Here is a pic of mine I got this week. Really digging this bass. Just love the weight and the sound of the pickups.

    I have a set of Fender vintage threaded bridge saddles I was hoping to put on the Jag but they wouldn't fit. The bolts with the springs around them are too large of a diameter to pass through the bridge plate holes. I wish the bass had come with the bridge that is on my Classic Vibe 60's Precision. It is Squier's version of a high mass bridge and is very nice. A bridge modification/replacement is the only thing I plan on changing on the Jag, everything else is just right for me.

  3. First victim!

    bass4u is number 0002

    Keep us informed what the changes to tone/volume, etc you get by putting a Hi-Mass bridge on if you do it. I think it'll detract from the qualities that make this a truly different bass now.
  4. I just ordered one from my local L & M. I'll post a pic as soon as it comes in.
  5. Let me know ASAP when it comes in so you can get a Charter Member Number.

    ADDENDA: bass4u, who signed off on your QC sticker on the plastic shield over the PG?

    If you still have it, snap a pix of it too. Let's see whose was built/inspected first. I put mine under the PG and can take it out later - after I play it for a while that is.
  6. id like to seem some modded, just to see the different things people would do to them.
  7. bass4u

    bass4u Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    I threw the sticker away but the build date was June 23rd.

    I'm looking for a bridge plate that will fit the Fender threaded saddles I have. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Heck - let's play them a while first!

    The neck is great, the electronics scream at you and the action is flawless.

    What else does one need?

    A heavy bridge is just gonna suck some of the built-in tone out of it for the sake of bragging rights - so why even go there?

    Unless something breaks, then I vote to leave them as they are.

    FWIW: My wife's still all original equipment too.
  9. bass4u

    bass4u Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    I'm not necessarily looking for a HM bridge, just a regular bridge plate that will fit my threaded bridge saddles so I can get the string spacing I desire. I normally play Precisions or Stingrays which have a wider neck than the Jag.
  10. fasto


    Mar 4, 2007
    Amsterdam, NL
    my Jag is finally in the house ... only played this cat 10 minutes, but i´m already very impressed, great bass for the money, much better than i expected ... the inspection sticker says july 20th.

    toooooo early to think about modifications ... i would love to check out a black BadAss II bridge on it.


    Attached Files:

  11. OK, 0002 - fasto
  12. Ok..I'll take a number






  13. Bump...knock knock SurferJoe :)
  14. Hey Moses Great close up pics, looks like it is very well made.BTW I am CDN too,how much are they in Ottawa? Thanks. L.P.

  15. The bass itself was $315.00 and I bought a hardshell case as well. I think the total, taxes in was $460 or somewhere in that ballpark.
  16. Gotch all!

    Thursdays I am not very available, that's why the slight delay there, BulbousMoses - and then there's sleep.


    0001 - SurferJoe
    0002 - bass4you
    0003 - Fasto
    0004 - BulbousMoses
  17. Thanks, mon!
  18. bh2


    Jun 16, 2008
    Oxford, UK
    They look very well made.. too bad I'm not a fan of the shape. If they did a stack pot jazz I'd be all over it!
  19. I just picked one up today. Gotta get pictures.

    "14 July 2010" Inspected by....'Doris' !

    Doris needs to do a better job Q.C.ing the volume pots. One of them was faulty. The tech at the store fixed it so hopefully no more issues.
  20. I would love to see Cream pick-up covers on one of these basses.