Vintage Mutron III+???

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Duke of Prunes, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. So I buy a Mutron III on ebay for a pretty decent price thinking that it is indeed the original Mutron III. The description says

    This is the legendary Mutron envelope filter, made famous by my hero, Jerry Garcia . That great wah sound, in its sturdy, compact, nearly indestructable metal casing. Comes with original power supply, and these are rare. Has 3 modes, each with its own Peak, Gain, and Filter settings. The Range knob controls the extent of all of these parameters. These babis are built like tanks! I have never heard of one of these units EVER being damaged or malfunctioning in ANY way, and these are vintage effects! High quality and a great price. I can't say enough about the Mutron. This is only part of a huge blowout liquidation sale I'm having, so check out my other auctions for quality gear at rock-bottom no-reserve prices! Buyer pays shipping and I prefer money orders. Thanks!

    So it comes in the mail today. I open it up and it's a Mutron III+. Now, I could be wrong, but isn't the III+ the not-as-good-as-the-original reissue? Or is there actually such thing as a vintage III+? Do you think I should try to get my money back or is it worth keeping? Bah!
  2. Can you say "rip-off".....? The "+" is actually a nifty filter in it's own right but it sure ain't a original 'Tron III. If that guy sold you a re-issue under the pretense of it being the actual thing he should be reported. Originals have a "gain" knob, re-issues have a "depth" knob. If you paid less than $200 for a "+" I'd be happy....more and I'd be royally pissed.