Vintage P-Bass Colours

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  1. Hey all.

    I really want to get myself a Fender P-Bass but I find the standard colours a bit boring. I would like to buy a P that looks more like a vintage fender without forking out on one of their custom vintage models which cost loads more.

    I think the best thing to do would be to buy a standard american p bass and replace the pickguard with a nice vintage looking one. Whats a good colour combo to achieve this? Eg. Sunburst body with gold anodised pickguard. My fave looking P Bass is the Butterscotch body with black anodised pickguard but butterscotch is not one of the standard colours. doh!

    Any ideas or websites that would help? I need some inspiration!
  2. Sunburst with a tortise shell pickguard, blonde with a black pickguard and white or "transparent white" with a gold pickguard are all vintage combinations.
  3. If you plan on forking over around $800 for a new MIA Fender P bass, only to change things on it, why not get a Warmoth built to your specs? It will cost about the same, and if you do some research or build it your self with Warmoth parts, you can save a lot.
  4. I've not heard of Warmoth before. Are they American? I'll check them out. Thanks.

    ps. how difficult is it to make your own bass from parts. I think i could confidently change a pickguard but not sure about building from scratch!
  5. Thanks. This is the kind of website I could spend all day on! What is the general build quality of Warmoth parts like?
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