Vintage PA speaker, rotating front?

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  1. I was in this club the other night, Lakeview Links in Chicago, and they had this (I think) PA speaker thing. Looked like a folded horn enclosure, but with several revolving doo-hickey's in the front of each of the sections. Also, attached to it looked like a tube amp of some sort, as there were a bunch of exposed tubes. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen and I wish I had the chance to talk to the sound guy but I didn't.

    Anyone know anything about this?
  2. Jerry J

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    Mar 27, 2000
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    That sounds like a Leslie. This is what is used for the Hammond organ.
  3. yeah, Jerry, it was right behind and to the side of the organ player. I'd love to find more information about that thing.....
  4. I played a Leslie for years with my Hammond C3. There is nothing else that really sounds like it. Power is a problem cuz they don't make much racket, so they are almost always mic'ed. A Leslie can do very interesting things for backup singers, too.

    The upper horn runs in fast mode, or a slow chorus mode depending on how it is wired. The princicple behind the sound is the Doppler principle... same as a car horn as the car moves rapidly away from you.

    The lower speaker has a rotating baffle that spins, but does not have the instant stop feature of the upper horn.

    The modern equivalent is a Pro series. It still spins, but is much more compact. One of the keys players I work with has a very nice one hooked to a portable Hammond XB3 (?) and it does indeed provide that authentic sound. Easier to carry too.

    This is a link to the Motion Sound company that makes current Leslie type rotating speakers.