Vintage(style) pups?

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  1. Do most of the big pup companys make a "vintage line" of pups?I was wondering how they differ in sound from the modern models i.e. what makes them sound vintage?Just wondering what a good vintage replacement for my P bass would be(If I ever want to go that route).

  2. A good vintage P pup is the Fender 62...I hear good things of the Setmour Duncan Antiquities, as well.
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    Bass Player rated the s. Duncan P pups in a "Product Profile." The Antiquity Precision came out on top for authentic sound. They said, "Could fool even the pickiest vintage snob with its early P-Bass sound and well-plucked look.

    On a 5-point scale, they gave it a "5" for warmth, string balance, and sound. Output was a "3" and Clarity was a "4."

    Next closest for old school sound was the SD Basslines Vintage P-Bass, "Subtle, old-style sound with caressing lows." It didn't get any "5's" but it is considerably less expensive than the Antiquity.

    For the testing, they installed them on a `73 Precision and compared the sounds to a `59 Precision.
  4. I have the Fender '62 P-Bass on my Warmoth. It sounds really great. I also have a Rio Grande '51 P-Bass pickup on it. That is a single coil type used on Fender P-Basses from 1951-1957. I don't like the way it sounds as much, but it's still pretty cool. It sounds good with fuzz.