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Vintage SVT Voodoo...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ROCKBOBMEL_old, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. I just bought a 71, and I love it. I am getting the feeling that more and more players are going to the old mother of amps.
    I just love the Voodoo.
    This amp growls and grunts out the best sounds I ever heard.
    It does it with real authority!.
    I just want to hear about your SVT lore.
  2. Old SVT == massively good voodoo....

    I'm glad you're digging yours Bob!
    The second I plugged into mine I knew I had to have it. A buddy of mine owned it (actually, I'm the one who told him to buy it in the first place) and just happened to be buying a house.... He decided he had to sell it. So I sold a '71 P-Bass and my SWR Studio 220 and bought it...
    I've been running it with a Goliath 3, and I dug it, but then I heard it with an Ampeg 810. I really dug the sound of that. A friend of mine recently bought an SVT 410HLF, so today we swapped cabinets for a lark. Now I want one. It's a little more raw than the SWR but I'm really digging that sound these days. I put new strings on the jazz bass, cranked the SVT up and played until my fingers hurt. :D
    Authoritative is a good word to describe the SVT sound. You know it's an SVT immediately. It's the definitive cure for loud guitarists!

    As far as I'm concerned the SVT eats all other bass amps and spits out the transformers.:D
  3. Rock City

    Rock City

    Apr 8, 2001
    Yeah baby!!!!!!!! A possible solution to the cab issue............Just got my custom BERGANTINO 6x10! Based loosely on the venerable 8x10 SVT, but with custom drivers and internal differences. I used it at one show so far with my '71 SVT and people were BLOWN away(literally!). Best part is.......about 100 pounds(as opposed to 180) and only 36 inches tall! The sealed design totally captures the SVT magic.
    Bob..........I got it the day after I saw you last! You'll have to make the trek again and check it out.
  4. It sounds great. I'll be comming down sometime soon.

    Sounds like a spiritual experience!!....
  5. pedro


    Apr 5, 2000
    Madison, WI.
    [A friend of mine recently bought an SVT 410HLF, so today we swapped cabinets for a lark. Now I want one.

    Jesus, where were you a year ago when I had one in mint condition that I couldn't give away?

    Anyhoo, I never have understood the lure of the SVT but am glad you're enjoying it.
  6. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    Cool, Bob. I don't get to take my '70 SVT w/original cab out much these days 'cause most rooms are just too damn small and I'm gettin' lazy in my old age...but when I do, man! It still blows away my Eden and Mesa Boogie rigs with no problem. I played a recent club date with it in a decent sized room and it was an unbelievable match with one of my '64 P basses! Talk about running the show! Man, I OWNED that band. There's never been anything as good as a vintage SVT and maybe there won't ever be. King of all Bass Amps, in my book.
  7. Rickenbackerman


    Apr 17, 2001
    Laurel MD
    Amen, bass brother!
  8. i own a '76 Ampeg SVT i love the hell out of it!

    Sounds awesome. Ampeg is the mother of all Amps!

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