SOLD "Vintaged" Lake Placid Blue Jazz Bass, Block & Bound Neck, Fender Lace Sensors

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Polk Salad, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Polk Salad

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    Sep 18, 2007
    $249 Shipped OBO

    Hi everyone, I have created a new thread as the old one was a bit cluttered - READ CAREFULLY and PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS!

    This bass was built and purchased from Brett, our own "ibanezcollector" - this is a J bass in Lake Placid Blue that I purchased directly from him. I love this bass but an ill fated trip to the local mom & pop shop before Christmas initiated GAS so things have to go.

    This was a custom job of Brett's so here is the original description from his posting READ IT CAREFULLY so you know what you are buying!

    ***Since I took most these photos a couple things have changed - the "Vintaged" logo has been removed, a bit of the gloss was removed from the neck (very FAST!) and the tuners have been replaced with more "used" (scratched) ones. These are reflected in the last two photos. The well established TB'r who was buying the bass previously requested these changes.....then bailed out of the sale.... :scowl:***

    It will ship in the USA only, insured and in a new RocSak gig bag for $249 -- I will however not refuse any reasonable offer.

    Thanks and here is the original listing from Brett (with some of my new photos):


    Body is a SX Jazz bass, Its been stripped and reshot with Seafoam Green Lacquer, I decided to reshoot it with Lake Placid Blue so if and when it wears which should be a long time it will be Seafoam underneath. There is a couple flaws in the paint but nothing serious especially at the price im asking.
    There was a small hair buried under the clear, a couple other small things.. From 6" away none of its noticable. I did the painting at night which is a no no but I didnt have intentions on selling it until I got my Valenti LOL..

    Neck is a SX bound and blocked with one of the nicest pieces of rosewood I have seen in a while. The neck was shipped with out a nut slot, when I ordered the nut slotting tool it was a tad wider then the nuts I have so there is a small gap. The nut is glued in and its nothing more then a cosmetic thing. There is a logo on it when I was experimenting with different designs it can come right off no problem.

    Electronics consist of a set of Fender Lace Sensors and CTS Pots with NOS Paper in Oil $30 Capacitor. This set up alone is killer and has tone for days.

    Hardware is stock SX high mass bridge and stock SX tuners. There is holes visible from other tuners it has had in its lifetime. Again just cosmetic.

    Pickguard is a Fender mint green and it compliments the bass nicely.

    This is not a cheap sounding or feeling bass, the action is ultra low and its got killer vibe and tone for what im asking.









  2. Polk Salad

    Polk Salad Passenger, Ship of Fools

    Sep 18, 2007
  3. Polk Salad

    Polk Salad Passenger, Ship of Fools

    Sep 18, 2007
    Many thanks, sailing to MD!
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