Viola pickup impedance

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  1. Asr4


    Oct 30, 2017
    Hi all,

    I'm searching for a method to calculate the tone filter of pickups for an epiphone regular pickups.

    My pickups mount is modified, and I used the « standard » wiring :
    - Two humbuckers pickups (original not modified factory) with a solo 3 positions switch (head, both, bridge) ;
    - one pot for the high tone (pot + capa serial linked)
    - one potentiometer for the overall volume ;

    like but without the bass pot.

    I would like to calculate the right tone pot value, and the right capa value. Do you know the impedance of the regular factory humbuckers ? A way to find it ? Just with a metrix ?
  2. It is better to let your ears guide you.
  3. Asr4


    Oct 30, 2017
    Yes… euh… but… I don't have enough money to choose every ceramic capacitor in the shop :)
  4. If you go to a proper electronics shop, you can get an assortment of five or six ceramic capacitors for a shiny quarter.

    You will not get very far with trying to calculate what you want, partly because the calculation is a lot more complicated than you had anticipated (Frequency dependent impedance, and factors that you cannot measure without expensive and sophisticated equipment.) and partly because having a bunch of numbers does not give you much of an idea of what things will actually sound like. It is best to try out different parts and figure out what sounds best, and it should not be expensive to do this.