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VM + Dunlop Dual-Type Lock Info ---

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by SurferJoe46, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. OK - I'm changing all my non-locked straps to Dunlop Duals and I find some interesting results.

    First to be converted was my MiM Deluxe Jazz, and the original Fender screws weren't re-used as they didn't fit into the buttons of the Dunlops.

    The not-so-big-a-problem so far - is that the Fender screws are somewhat bigger than the Dunlops and the Dunlops felt a slight bit looser - so I added a little wood shaving/splinter to each hole and so far no problem.

    OK - now on to the VM-Jazz and the VM-Jaguar:::

    First - the chart below will explain the slight differences, so check it out before you make this changeover.
    Now - Dunlop recommends using a 7/64" drill bit to open the holes in your bass. That's 0.1094", but in wood, just go for the first three points after the decimal.

    The original Fender holes are already slightly larger (by 0.003"┬▒ a smidge) than that so this should NOT be necessary!

    Since the Dunlop screws are 0.005" smaller in diameter, there is a slight looseness to be considered!

    The SCREW HEADs make the biggest difference though!

    Since the Dunlops require that the head actually fit inside the new part, you cannot get much bigger than 0.245" to make them fit.

    And the Fender screws are already 0.070" larger in the head, so you can either grind them down to the correct OD or just use the Dunlop screws with a little sliver of wood in the hole first.

    As far as actually INSTALLING the other half of the lock system into your strap - you're on your own! I did it without cutting the strap, me or the table and there was no contemporaneous* cussing - so it can be done!

    Just thought you'd like to know.

    Next week: Ibanez-to-Dunlop StrapLok® system conversion.

    * - Yup! That's a good word.

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