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Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by CWK, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. CWK


    Jun 9, 2005
    South Centeral Pa.
    I'm currently fooling around with the idea of running Vmware on a
    Mandrake box (10.0 ) anyone have anything to suggest before I stroll into the minefield? I've used it on a windows machine and kinda liked the idea,however the tables are turned and I've been out of the *nix scene for awhile.Well, a long time actually.I'm a little leary about WINE
    so I just thought I'd ask.
    Oh, I posted this in another part of this forum by accident :meh:
  2. What are your goals in running vmware? It works fine for running some audio apps, i've used it for rebirth and reason in the past, but it's stuck at 16bit, 44.1 , at least on the 4.5 version i've got. Also, does your machine have the horsepower to run it properly? I've got a dual proc box with 2.5g of ram, it helps mucho. Also, what are you looking to do? I've seen stuff where folks have virtualized vst plugins and got them to work on linux with rosegarden. I'm a long time linux geek, and i've pretty much given up on linux as a primary recording and editing box until i can get emulated applications to run flawlessly. Anyways, feel free to pm if you've got any questions, i've been using linux for a long time :) There are some apps which i really like, audacity, rosegarden, cinelerra, jack, qjackctl, jamin, ardour, sweep, rezound. This is just a short list.
  3. Yay, gentoo :p I've been trying to get vmware working on it but the thing seems to hate me. I'll keep trying though.

    I thought the whole multimedia thing was a bad idea for VMWare? Esp. because it can't handle directx too good. Or so I've heard, I'll see for myself if I can get the thing running. Sure would be nice to get games going on it, but I doubt that'll work...
  4. if your using the commonly found 4.5.2 version, it doesn't work with the 2.6 series kernels. If your a paying customer, try contacting vmware's support.