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Vocal effect in Joy Division's "She's Lost Control"

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Peter McFerrin, May 3, 2003.

  1. Anyone else think that the whole pitch-bending-of-the-delayed-signal thing is cool? How did they do that in 1979--manipulating tape speeds?
  2. producer Martin Hannett mentions in the interview in the "And here is the young man" tribute album he'd just got an AMS digital delay unit when he started working with Joy Division.

    I think it was done by manually tweaking the delay time fine adjust knob while the sound sustained-
    I've got a Boss RSD10 delay/sampler that does the same thing.

    here's a Hannett tribute site-

  3. Ah...so if you had a processor that had the delay time synced to an LFO, you could do it without turning the knob. I'd imagine that most modern digital delays can do this.

    BTW, that's a very cool website.
  4. I think the AMS delay unit would have had an LFO, for chorus, phasing, flanging etc. , but the LFO time would have to be very slow to get that effect, and probably wouldn't be in its range.

    but modern effect units probably have the effect stored as a preset.
  5. *is probably sounding stupid, but is listening to She's Lost Control riiiiight now*

    I can't really hear any effects, apart from the reverb, and there is pretty major reverb on that vocals line - but it's not quite a hall setting, but more than a room setting...

    There is some delay, maybe a beat behind the original.... but I can't hear any pitch bending....

  6. parrott, I suspect you're listening to the 12" version of she's lost control, which doesn't have any pitchbending on the delay on the vocal.
    it's also got a brighter bass sound
    (and a single bassline, whereas the other version has an overdubbed line).
  7. Hey, Pete I would have never figured you for a Joy Division Fan...She Lost Control..sounds like reverb, maybe some delayed action going on...my all time favorite Joy Division song is Atmosphere then Novelty. If you like Division try The Birthday Party.
  8. Aaaah, I see (hear) now - that was the version on the Unknown Pleasures CD, I've dug out my Substance CD and am listening the She's Lost Control on it......


    I don't know how they did that at all.
  9. Troll-control bump.

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