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  1. hey guys

    im in a band and we are in need of a PA system, mostly for vocals but hey i can also wack some other mics into it and give each amp a mic if i have the free channels.

    anyway to the question

    my guitarist has a 100watt guitar amp
    and i have a 150watt bass amp
    and the drummer is about medium/loud

    i was wondering how many watts i would be going for for a vocal PA system, all we need it 2 channels im not even sure if you can do that but yeh. atleast 2 channels.

    can anyone tell me what im looking for.



    PS: this is not a gigging outfit its only a practise thing, if we gig we get mic'ed the PA system would only be somthink we can setup in the garage and is quite suitable for practise.
  2. hey steve,

    just recently having invested in a p.a. system of my own, i can tell you that if you really want something that is cheap, but at the same time good value for money, bang for your buck, whatever, don't look past LEEM.

    yeah so what if it's not peavey, mackie or jbl, it still does a hell of a good job.

    this is what i bought, and we use it for medium sized gigs and practices:

    a 12 channel mixer (SM-124k)
    a 1200 watt power amp (LA-1200)
    and 2 2x15 speaker boxes, with horns.
    all this set me back about AU$3800. for practice in my garage we only ever use it on half way, and apparently it can be heard clearly 2km away! and it is more than enough for most gigs.

    so my suggestion: get something that you wont need to up grade just to go from practices to gigs.

    hope this helps!

    p.s. PUNK ROCK RULES!!! never let anyone tell you different.
  3. Hey Lex, I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and I can hear ya from hear! Heh heh.