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    Mar 20, 2004
    Hey - I'm going to mod a jazz bass for vol/tone/pu selector switch. There are lots of good threads on wiring, but - I have this question -

    What values should I use for the vol and tone pots? Assuming a std jazz bass, that has 250k pots - should I use the same 250k pots?

    It seems like I should use other values for the pots, because of the circuit change from vol/vol/tone to vol/tone/switch.

    My goal is to have the tone of the bass as close to the original wiring as possible.

    Is there a math formula for this? Or? THANKS!

    PS - here are a couple of threads on the circuit - http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f38/wiring-4-way-series-parallel-neck-bridge-768494/

  2. Pots are a personal preference, and account for only a subtle tonal difference. Use whatever sounds most appealing to you. Higher values are brighter, lower values are warmer.

    To be technical, the load from the volume pots in a VVT setup with 250k pots is 125k. With only one volume pot, there is no common value equivalent to this, but a 250k pot with a 220k resistor parallel to it is about the same.