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  1. I am looking into buying either a Voodoo pedal power 2+ or one of its cheaper brothers the Donner 3 or 4. Many of the higher end ISO style power supplies have variable/voltage sag knobs. Do you guys use that feature? If so on what pedals?

    Most of my pedals are OD, fuzz, or OD/preamp like the Joyo American. I do have a wah, phase/flange, some compressors, probably typical of many others here. I am assuming that the sag is going to make the most difference in an OD/dist pedal where you get a compressed OD sound out of the lower voltage. But if it's useful for others, I'd be interested in knowing. I think I read some marketing-related claim many years ago that muff style fuzzes sound better with older style 9v batteries because of this, but don't remember the exact claim or the source. I have a Fairfield Barbershop and like the sag effect on it but I use it as a separate effect and sometimes into another OD, I don't know how that may translate into a different pedal with a voltage cut in it vs stacking ODs. The Barbershop's drive is really good and that's how I use it.

    I'm most interested in who here uses the sag and for what pedal(s) and why you like it better than full voltage.

    An aside;
    The reason I'm looking to upgrade power supplies is I can't get rid of the noise coming from my B7K with any of my current power supplies. Without it on the board all the other pedals are fine but with it, even not engaged with a separate power supply on a Tripp Lite Isobar, I still get some noise with it present. This is multiple basses, heads, cabs, cables, etc. There is a dimmer on one light in the room. Issue is present independent of the light being on or off and how the dimmer is set. Lights & outlet on separate circuit.

    If anyone has any suggestion based on that let me have it. Thanks in advance.
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    The Truetone CS12 also has a 4-9v output. I don’t use it since my fuzz has a voltage starve already
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  3. Bassist30


    Mar 19, 2004
    The Power 2+ is a nice power supply. I am not a big pedal expert but the sag only effects the voltage not the current or so it seems. I don't think it really gives you a used battery type of sound. To me anyway.
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    From the VooDoo website:

    "The SAG control is mostly useful for transistor-based fuzz, octavia, and distortion circuits, as most modern opamp designs are minimally affected by variations in supply voltage. We recommend turning SAG off if you’re going to run digital pedals like delay, chorus, and reverb."

  5. Thanks guys.
  6. cavemanbass


    Nov 5, 2010
    on another note... have you contacted Darkglass about the noise issue with you B7K? Douglas @Darkglass is a regular contributor on TB as you probably know, I would try DM'ing him. I run my B3K off a OneSpot with lots of other pedals, never had any hum or other noise issue with it. Would suck to invest in a new power supply and not solve your primary concern...
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  7. I was hoping to have done everything I can to rule out that its not just my cheapo monoprice & gen 1 Donner power supplies. Basically I'm still in denial that it's the pedal. But you are right I should.
  8. Darkglass

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    In my experience I think we have yet to get an inquiry regarding hum where the cause was other than the power supply.

    If you have seemed to rule that out there are other factors we can still check, such as ground loops in the chain.

    You can PM me and I’ll gladly connect you with our customer support.

    Kind regards!
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  9. Thanks Doug. I will once I try it out with a name brand power supply.
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  10. Spidey2112


    Aug 3, 2016
    Love my Voodoo PP2+... they have great customer service, as well!
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  11. View attachment 3016663 An update

    PP2+ came in, sat for a while, finally got around yesterday to redoing my main pedalboard. It was powered by two monoprice 9v bricks daisy chaining all the pedals, and of course the Compressore has its own brick. Now it's all through the Voodoo except the Compressore, the daisy chain wires are now powered by the Voodoo so the only thing changed power wise is just the actual DC adapter.

    All the Joyo/Donner/Mooer/Eno together, and the TCE/Barbershop/Timmy/boneshaker/LOF together. The Wah, B7k, and blower box each have their own leads.

    The noise isn't 100% gone but manageable. I turned down the high mids on the B7k, found a mix I like with it though it's not my preferred high mids grunt. The B7k is still the noisiest pedal on my board but it is way better. The noise is now no different bass>B7k>amp than it is within the pedal chain. It's still my favourite drive pedal by far so I couldn't go without it in a usable state for too long.

    I had an EHX OD Glove on this board which has an 18v internal switch but runs on 9vDC, may have been the cause of an issue, may have just picked up the cause of the noise the same as the B7k was. Certain pedals had been having issues with the noise in different, and differently controllable ways. Either way switched out for the 'trouble' OCD clone.

    So the pedal chain is pretty straightforward, the spark goes into the barbershop then the B7k goes in to the American. It's more or less the same order as the previous board, you guys see anything that looks like a potential issue going forward, awkward gain stacking or the like? I only had a little time to play yesterday, only got to turn on the B7k, both fuzz & wah from the wah, spark, phase, american, & blower box.

    I power everything through an Isobar, and I noticed during moving things around that when my BX1600 amp is plugged into the mains it makes a bit of noise within the Isobar itself. Just powering on the amp, it's dead quiet through the cab even with this noise (apparently?) present the whole time before. I did all this testing on the Peavey Mark VIII but I'm going to plug back the Carvin and see if that reintroduces any issues.

    I'm pretty sure now the dimmer switch isn't really the cause of any noise, I played a few different PJ's (one potentially badly wired as I have 3 vol knobs instead of BVT, but that PJ is just begging for a set of Geezers though so that's kind of a good thing) and didn't pick up any noise at different dimmer settings, or even holding up the bass pups to the (LED) can lights in the ceiling nor right next to the switch itself.

    The Radial ABY ground lift adapter continues to do its job keeping ground buzz/noise from the rocksmith cable out of the amp speakers so when I reintroduced this, I didn't reintroduce any noise either.

    So I have pretty low output from the legend of Fuzz to figure out, testing the EHX OD Glove, maybe a tube change in my Compressore since I can't get the compression light to come on no matter the settings or how hard I dig in, all these things unsolved but a happy. I need to find room for my johnk F800B now on the board so one of these is going to have to go. 20180513_211128.jpg
  12. stingraysvt


    Jun 20, 2011
    I've been curious during quarantine what power supplies besides the Voodoo Labs have a SAG option. I have used a switchable Radio Shack power supply for years @ 7.5 amps (dead battery) on my Sans Amp to get a smoother breakup in the top end.
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