Volume for individual pickups...blending?

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  1. I'm very new to how pickup wiring works. I recently had a couple humbuckers installed with very simple wiring/pots. I just have tone and volume for both pickups with with a 3 way switch so I can have individual pickups or both at same time. I am wondering if there's a way to control volume for each individual pickup so I could dial one in more and/or take out some of the other... Is this a big mod, what would be involved? I'm hoping its just a matter of having another pot/knob added but I'm also considering having it re-wired and trying some split-coil scenario since I'm not totally sold on the tone I'm getting. Basically I love the bridge pup tone but want to add a little bit of the neck pup.
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    You'll need to add another knob, either separate volume controls for each pickup (Fender jazz basses are wired this way), or you could replace the 3-way switch with a blend pot.
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