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  1. I got a question for you guys, and please excuse me if this has been asked in the past.....

    I'm going to wire up a fretless P-Bass with a P/J config, and I want volume pots only. Since I'm not experienced in wiring I'm planning on just getting one of the wiring kits from stew-mac.com and mod it. Now common sense tells me I'll just need to bypass the tones control in this wiring kit. I've marked it with red lines so I won't get confused...(that happens alot).....will this do the trick?

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  2. Yes, however I would take the tone control totally out of the circuit.
  3. Yea, it'll be totally gone, I guess I didn't make that very clear in my post.....I've never had a bass with only volume pots, guess I'll find out soon enough if it fits me or not! :smug: