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    Nov 15, 2005
    I'm using this set-up:
    FX out > pedal board > volume pedal > FX return.

    The idea is to use the volume pedal as a variable dry/wet control. (btw, the FX out/in needs to be in parallel for this to work... some amps don't have that). Anyway the volume pedal I'm using is a Boss FV50H. The problem I'm having is the pedal only mixes in the FX at the top of the throw.
    I tried moving the pedal before the board, but that didn't work as the FX came through all the time, even at the bottom of the throw.
    So the question I have is, since the pedal is 'Hi impedance' (FV50H as opposed to FV50L) is that the problem, or is the potentiometer in the Boss pedal non-linear? Is there a pedal that has a linear pot?
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. You need the low impedance version when connecting an active signal (such as as that from effects pedals or amp fx send). FV50H really only works well when used with a passive bass as the very first thing you plug into, before the amp or any other pedal.
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