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  1. im looking at buying a relatively cheap volume pedal, but it still needs to have the minimum volume knob. i looked in town today and there are a few cheap ones that are made by some brands that ive never heard of. there were also some more famous brands (dod, boss,etc). i was wondering if it was worth going for the more expensive unit or is a volume pedal a volume pedal and it doesnt make much difference?
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    For rocker pedals, I'm sold on Morley because the modulator is a light sensor rather than a pot; pots always get noisy and crackly when they age, but Morleys never make noise. I have a wah-volume of theirs that is a nice volume (though it does not have a minimum level) but not a great wah for bass because it is voiced for guitar and only the lower half of the sweep affects the bass. If you want strictly a volume, I'd research their stuff.