volume pot does not turn the volume all the way down

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  1. I just installed a new harness and the volume pot is not working correctly. When I turn down the volume all the way, there is still signal. It is faint, but still there. So the volume pot is able to partially turn the signal down, but not all the way. I read on one thread that I may not have grounded the pot correctly. But I checked my schematic, and it seems right. Any suggestions? Moving the pot around when not attached to the pickguard does affect the sound, but I can't tell if the pot may be bad, in need of a shot of de-oxit, or if my wiring and or soldering job is faulty.
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    +1 with checking the ground lug, it may not be soldered right.

    also, the signl from the pickups and such should be hitting the clockwise lug, while the center lug goes to the output. reverse that (like on a jazz bass) and you'll hear residual sound even with the knob on "0'.
  3. I messed with the harness and when I touched a wire from ground lug to pot chassis (back of pot where other ground wires are soldered), it did not ground. I'm thinking the potty be bad. Seems with all else wired nicely. AudioGlenn is going to send me a new one. Great guy!
  4. If there is still signal, it can only mean that the third terminal of the pot is not grounded. There are only a handful of causes for this. Improper grounding schemes, cold solder joints, or an internal break between the resistive element and the ground terminal.
  5. If all connections are good and it is still not cutting 100% of volume when off, then you need to replace it. It means it is gone.

    Check all connections and discard anything around it. If the problem persists, you need a new pot. And I am pretty sure that is the problem.

    Because it means it is not doing its job of cutting the signal to ground.
  6. Thanks guys. Very helpful!
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