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  1. pbassfreak


    May 2, 2001
    long beach
    on my gk head it has a master volume and a regular
    volume..what is the best way to work these..and why
    do i have 2..i realize this is probably a dumb question
    but i would like to know..thanxxx
  2. It's most likely something like gain and volume. Maybe one volume adjust the output level of the preamp and the other is the pre-amp gain. Check out their website to see what it does maybe.
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    Jul 15, 2001
    ok, here's the deal. i own a GK400RB, made back when the little tanks were painted black and grey. the owner's manual has this to say about the volume/boost/master volume levels. "set your playing level first. you may want to push up your volume and boost levels while dropping back the master.this will give a fatter sound but can add distortion. some players find this desirable, you will have to be the judge. for the cleanest possible sound,operate the master on 10(max). the boost control is footswitchable and can act as a pre-set volume. the LED next to the boost control indicated that the boost is on. " now, keep in mind, mine is the old one, which i bought off a badass session player/hired gun bass player named aldo. he then bought a hartke7000, and it died the first gig he took it to. so he then went out and bought a SWR bass 350 redhead and has loved it ever since 'that sucker still kicks ass'. sorry, just wanted to tell that story. i just thought it was funny he was playing his czech spector and vintage jazz basses through his old, beat up, Peavey(sp) 300 watt bass amp that he used for practice and nasty outdoor-in-the-rain-gigs. lesson: never sell a GK, never buy a hartke, and SWR equipment rules.
  4. stratusxh

    stratusxh Guest

    Jul 15, 2001