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  1. I love talkbass, now its time for talkbass to love me!!!!!

    It will only snag 5 seconds of your daily talkbassing.

    go to that link and scroll down and vote for "bush league"... Our song is called "Never Was". Please get everyone to do this... we want to win this contest....... we are way down near the bottom..Support mikey's band!!!!

    The music link does not work right now, but we told them what the problem was so it may be fixed by the time you guys get this!!! that would rule if you could help me out!!!!!!!
    If you voted last week you will be allowed to vote again this week so let this weeks vote go to an up-and-coming act.... (sorry bruno!!)

    Thank you,

    Ask me favours.. i might hook you up.. !!! hehe bye,


    ps i will post the song link that works here...

    EDIT: The song link on the site works now! So you guys can hear it when you go there... Thanks for the votes!!
  2. ...
  3. Come on guys you can't help me?

  4. What's in it for me ?

    how much 'r you paying ? :D :rolleyes: :p

    just kidding.. i voted :)
  5. Turock


    Apr 30, 2000
    Sorry dude, after listening to all those songs, I had to cast my vote for Superbeing77's "Sunlight".

    Not really... I voted for yuse guys.
  6. Thats ok... superbeing77 won last week so it won't matter to us if you vote for them. But thanks for at least checking it out.

    And thanks 'doX I appreciate it... back last week when smash posted the same thread he got tossed many bones from TBers so I hope some more people will vote for my team.

    Thanks guys,

  7. Yeh, that's fair, I voted for SMASH's band last week, so I'll vote for your band this week.

    Glad to help :)

    EDIT: I voted anyway, but the new link to your song doesn't work (it could be me, though)
  8. thanks for the vote sedge... keep em coming people!!!!!!!!!
  9. ARA punk

    ARA punk

    Jul 11, 2001
    USA, Shelby, NC
    I voted
  10. There you go! :D
  11. You guys rool!!! keep up the good work!!!!!
  12. Turock


    Apr 30, 2000
    You may not have understood my post. I said I really voted for you guys.
  13. Turok,

    You win with that trick... You really got me, I was ok with it, but you fooled a brother hehe.
    That is hilarious.

    Ok TBers it is the start of a new week so lets all start voting again.

    And the link for our song works, so even if you do not feel like voting check out my bands music.


  14. Turock


    Apr 30, 2000
    I voted for you again, but I still can't get the song link to work.
  15. I vote for you.:D

    Espero que ganes!!!!!
  16. CaracasBass


    Jun 16, 2001
    Madrid, Spain
    I voted.... good luck amigo
  17. Turock... hmm I know it was not working before, but it has been working for me today... You must click on the small black speaker icon beside the name bushleague... can you get other bands to work, but not us?

    If there is a problem let me know and I will contact xfm


  18. ...........bump
  19. Turock


    Apr 30, 2000
    None of the ones that I tried work (I tried four or five). Some go to a blank page and others go to a "Page not found".
  20. hmmmm turock. My guess would be that you may not have an Mp3 player on your computer that interacts with your browser.

    You probably do though. There is just some problem with the downloading of the songs. I tested a few today and most work, including mine.

    Can't really help you much further without being there at your computer. I will try to get an Mp3. com site up sometime soon, maybe ther would be better luck with that. I will post the link on talkbass when I get it done. Thanks for all your time,

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