SOLD Vox AC15C1 w/ Alnico Blues & Extras

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    Oct 13, 2006
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    This Vox is near mint. Selling to cover other G.A.S. expenses. Loaded with an 8 ohm Vox Alnico Blue and it will come with a brand new set of stock tubes (zero to little on stock tubes. OE tubes were swapped to my own set at the beginning. Only one tube not stock. I lost one of the preamp tubes so I loaded V2 with a new Sovtek 12AX7).

    It will also include brand new official Vox slip cover and Vox footswitch (these do not come with a new Vox). Both switch and cover never used. This amp has never been gigged on and has stayed in the studio. Only 6 months old.

    Also, reverb tank upgraded to MOD tank. Reverb much more useable. The OE tank will also come with it (easy swap to go back to stock).

    $625.00 + shipping cost in CONUS or will trade for a Mesa Subway D800

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