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  1. So for Christmas 2014 I got myself a Vox amPlug after learning that it lets me record into my laptop (it's also a pretty handy and great sounding gadget aswell) however I'm struggling to actually use this function. I have a trial version of Reaper downloaded at the moment and my setup is that my headphones are plugged into the amPlug and I have an auxiliary cable going from the amPlug into the microphone input of my laptop, when I go to record it's barely picking up any sound whatsoever.

    Just wondering if anyone who has one of these and has managed to record before could help me out? Looking to start a cover channel and maybe start working on some solo projects on YouTube with this.
  2. I bought one of those too and oh my god I love it. I can practice anywhere, anytime, including work (I've only been playing bass for two months).

    I haven't tried interfacing it to my laptop but at a guess I think you'd have to go into your laptop from the Vox headphone jack instead of the aux? The aux is where I plug in my phone for music playback into the Vox.

    I suppose that poses a problem with hearing what you're playing unless you can get it from the laptop somehow and without too much delay. Maybe it can be split between headphones and laptop?
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    This sounds like you connected your laptop to the aux in socket, which would explain why you got no signal. :)

    I've tried recording while splitting my output between headphones and my computer (using a mini jack splitter). The only problems are that your sound card might overload before you reach enough volume to monitor your playing thru headphones, and that if you use a backing track/song, it will get recorded too. I got around this by editing backing tracks in Audacity - if you set it to mono and change the balance, you'll be able to isolate your bass from the recording.

    That's nowhere near proffessional, but neither is my bass playing. :)
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    Let us know if you fix it and how. I'm going through something similar.
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    You may be recording from the built-in mic on the laptop instead of the mic jack. I do this all the time with Skype. I haven't used Reaper but there should be someway to select which interface you're recording from. If there isn't then do it through the audio settings in the Windows Control Panel.
  6. I tried your approach of plugging it into the headphone jack and it worked! However there is a strong buzzing noise present which is a little bothersome but I'm sure there's a way to fix that. You're right about being unable to hear what I'm playing when it comes to recording though, I haven't quite figured that stage out yet.. I'm sitting my state exams this year so finding the spare time is turning out to very difficult.
  7. If you press the 'on/off' button (don't hold it just press it) the amp will cycle through different sound profiles, I think there are three to choose from. That might eliminate the buzzing you hear. The different profiles offer things which are beyond my knowledge as a beginning bassist, I just choose the one that gives me the cleanest tone in my headphones.