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SOLD Vox Apache Bass - Blue teardrop

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Pudge Fish, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Pudge Fish

    Pudge Fish

    Aug 6, 2013
    The Vox Apache Bass
    Like new (2 weeks old)
    A killer short scale travel / office bass.
    With on-board speaker and drum machine with 6 patterns per style and adjustable tempo, this is ideal for noodling around with an easy-to-play setup. I've owned it just over 2 weeks and I really dig it. I'm selling for the same reason I sold my Squier Jaguar SS. I will never own another short scale! I can't switch scales without frustration. I played this thing so much for 2 weeks that switching back to a 34" scale was awkward. It works when plugged into an amp either passive or with the drum machine engaged.

    It's great for keeping within easy reach and working out basslines on the fly. My short scale curse can save you a few bucks on a fun travel / practice bass.

    Shipped CONUS only for $225 with Vox gig bag.

    2016-02-29 21.28.20.
    2016-02-29 21.24.51.
    2016-02-29 21.29.22.
    2016-02-29 21.43.27.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  2. rogerbmiller

    rogerbmiller Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 16, 2003
    You have pm
  3. jimmyb

    jimmyb An Avid Indoorsman Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2003
    Elkton, MD
    U have another pm
  4. Pudge Fish

    Pudge Fish

    Aug 6, 2013
    On hold pending payment

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