Vox MIJ 80's era (ARIA era)... LOVE THEM... or hate them... lol...

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  1. Sean Sweeney

    Sean Sweeney

    Mar 23, 2021
    I just got another Vox... from the MIJ era, allegedly from the Aria Pro factory... it's a P-bass... but I have to say that I LOVE these basses... the best bang for the buck in a production model 4-string... I paid $100 for my 3002 Custom and that thing was a monster!! It came with Dimarzios and in STEREO, So you could split the PJ pickups two string into their own amp, or whatever you wanted... neck through body and 24 frets... some strange polyester natural finish that NEVER comes off! weight at about 15 pounds...

    the one I just got isn't the same, but it's that era... and may be the same maker and there's nothing about these basses that is cheap!
    So I think that makes 5 basses for me... but all with defined sounds... looking for a real upright again... because I don't want buy a gym membership! I could practice upright a few hours each day! lol

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  2. tindrum

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    May 2, 2007
    Suffolk, VA
    I didn’t even know these existed!
  3. Sean Sweeney

    Sean Sweeney

    Mar 23, 2021
    Yea!! I had the natural one for most of my life. I bought their p-bass copy recently too... but I've never gotten a bigger sound from a four string... they're a little rare, but usually cheap... but those who play are always blown away by them. Not a huge fan of Aria, though I had an Aria Pro guitar long ago... or vox instruments in general, just this one or two basses they made were amazing.
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