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    Here is a project that's been sitting on the shelf for too long. Time to see if someone else wants to finish it. When I bought this it was in very rough shape. The top had separated from the side on the lower portion, the top layer of the laminate was splitting in multiple locations, and the jack was held in with duct tape, as the wood had been damaged. I glued the top to the side. I used a syringe and got glue as far into the cracks as I could and glued them back down. (these were just the top layer, and appear as the dark lines in the pictures) I pieced in some veneer (alternating direction) for the jack. I also put a metal plate on the inside for added strength. After I put some paint on it I noticed I had not done a very good job preparing the wood for the paint. So here it sits.

    All of the hardware is there, and everything was working when I took it apart. Known hardware issues: someone drilled a hole into the middle of the neck plate. It also went into the wood, which I have filled in. The small plate that holds the pickguard arm to the side was missing a screw. I have bought one to use, but it is obviously not original.

    The neck is in good condition. There are a couple of dings on the back of the neck, and some small chips on the headstock. The truss rod turns freely.

    I have many more pictures I can send. If you PM me your email address I will send them to you. I am also happy to take more pictures if there is something specific you'd like.

    100_1124.JPG 100_1125.JPG 100_1109.JPG 100_1114.JPG 100_1104.JPG 100_1107.JPG
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  2. Now $250.00 shipped to the lower 48.
  3. Price drop, now $200 shipped.
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    is the vox bass still for sale you have a better pic of the bridge thank you
  5. Yes it's still available. Here's another picture of the bridge.

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  6. Sold.