VW Beetle, how much gear can it fit?

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  1. Hey guys. For my first car, I am thinking about a VW Beetle (one of the new ones). With the back seats folded down, or not, how much gear do you think you could fit back there?


    It has 12 cubic feet WITHOUT folding the seats.
  2. Then I would say..... 12 cubic feet minus the total volume of passengers :)

    Sorry for the stupid post....just feel like being a goofball. I wouldn't try to fit much more than maybe a small rack, 4x10, and bass in there... That's about what I can fit in my Grand Am and still have a passenger. What kind of gear are you likely going to be trying to fit in there?
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    Get a tape measure, go to a VW dealer and get some measurements. I'm still considering getting a New Beetle and that's the first thing I checked. I'd trust that far more than any anectdotal info ("Dude, a friend of my brother's cousin said his buddy's dad carried an 810 in his..."). Uh huh;)

    My stuff would fit fine... but it's not all that big (Eden D210XLT or 2 EA VL110's).
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    well...i can only give you advice from older VW's...but i've owned 4 golf based volkswagens in my life. and even though they were all 1990 or older, every one of them could put a full size case in the footwell infront of the backseat.

    vw's are HUGE inside now, the golf looks like a freaking minivan. and infact, that's what i'd recommend over the new beetle. the hatch is MUCH bigger, and you can get them in 4 doors.

    even my 1988 scirocco can fit my upright and my peavey TKO or my entire SWR rig + 3 basses in cases, two backpacks, a garment bag, and a passenger.

    that said, any newish hatch would be similar. VW isn't doing so hot right now on quality control, stuff like window regulators blowing out and 2nd gear starting to grind 5k into it's life....i'd check out subaru's impreza, the mazda protege5, ford focus, honda civic (the si hatch comes out '02)

    www.vwvortex.com <-- i have almost 4k posts here, but never go anymore. lots and LOTS of info on VW's and cars in general.

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    I don't know about gear, but I've seen video of 18 teens crammed into a VW Bug on more than one occasion. :D

    Take one for a test drive and have the salesman help you load all your sh*t into it. If it all fits, buy that sucker. If it doesn't, tell him it is not going to accommodate your needs and to show you something in a wagon. :D
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    The Golden Girls. Now why don't they make quality TV programming like that anymore? :rolleyes:
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    That's right about the Honda SI. I'm a huge VW fan but just saw the estimated delivery date for the SI should be March 2002. I would also recommend the Golf or Jetta (maybe the new wagon) for hauling major gear loads. The trunk of my 97 Jetta holds: a Genz-Benz 4x10 cab, 1 four space rack, two anvil briefcases, a music stand and two basses in gig bags.