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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Impulsee, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. iv been looking at this dan electro baritone guitar that my bass teacher has. I asked him if he wanted to sell it and he replays "sure, i never play it anymore...100$ and its yours". W00t, i went nuts, i came home, and sence my b-day is on may 29th, my rents are just going to but it for me for my b-day!!~!! i was at my lesson today, and he was showing me things about it. and hes like "just take it home tonight, you can pay me whenever" IM SO HAPPY. this thing rocks hardcore. its tuned B-B. The neck is longer then a guitar, but shorter then a bass neck with 6 strings. you can play chords and stuff, but it r0x0rs hardcore for picking. Im really into the band "pinback", and on all there songs on there CD "blue screen life" use them. i reccomend "bbtone" thats b flat tone, but they just have it as "bbtone" another is "seville". On seville, the baritone is so crazy, i cant figure it out heh. Download pinback. they rock. heres a pic of what my baritone looks like. The only thing is mine is black and not red.

    - w00t
  2. ashtray9


    Aug 1, 2002
    Tempe Arizona
    where do you find strings for that? Are there many options?
  3. it already has strings on it, but it needs new ones. You can get them at dan electro.com and stuff and some local stores around here. Im gonna look more into diff gauges and stuff 2marrow.

    - w00t
  4. Thor

    Thor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    I'm not Ed Fuquawawaw...

    But here the leaflet I'd like to publish.

    "It is a well known fact among unexpurgated bottomcrawlers that there is no such thing as a
    'guitar', these are merely alto six string basses.

    These are designed primarily so one can practice
    pocket filling grooves and whompy power chords while enjoying the beach, or campus on a sunny day or whatever.

    Personally, I use a 12 string alto bass to exercise my arthritic fingers, but that is the total extent of the relationship. There is no other reason for the existence of such instruments."
    I think this instrument falls in this category.

    I venerate you for sharing this.
    Rock on
    OG [ Not Big O, but working on it] ;)

    7 string cheese :D to bind them
  5. aladdin


    Mar 7, 2003
    Chiba, Japan
    Damn! A Danelectro for $100.00! Sweet.

    You might be able to use Ernie-Ball Silhouette Bass
    strings. Set for a 29 and 5/8 scale. .20-.90

  6. About Pinback: they may use a baritone guitar on record or a Bass VI or somesuch, but live their singer uses an Alembic Stanley Clarke short-scale bass and plays it classical style.

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